Event & Portrait Session Investments for 2017

Events, Parties, & Portrait Sessions

For a 4 hour event, photo processing post event, online access, online access for proofing and downloading, and a USB drive of your photos, the average investment is $575, but each package is customized to meet your specific needs and budgetary requirements.  Please contact me to inquire about your special event and ask about special package promotions.


A Boring, But Necessary Note About NJ State Sales Tax

If a photograph is either scanned, taken with a digital camera, or computer-generated and then transmitted solely by e-mail or other form of electronic transmission, the transaction is treated as the sale of intangible property, which is not subject to tax. So, if you do not want to pay sales tax, please let me know and I will remove the delivery of USB from your package.

Another Boring, But Necessary Note About PA State Sales & Use Tax

Pursuant to Section 32.37 - Photographers and Photofinishers, the following law applies in the state of Pennsylvania: (a)  Scope. Photographers, photofinishers and photo-refinishers are vendors of photographs, materials and services purchased by their customers, whether or not produced to the special order of the customer. The photographer or photofinisher shall collect and remit tax upon the total purchase price charged for the photographs or services, even though the customer may furnish some of the materials.

One Final Boring, But Necessary, Note About NY State Sales & Use Tax

Pursuant to Publication 750 A Guide to Sales Tax in New York State, Part II – Making sales - Taxable sales, the sale(s) of tangible personal property are subject to NY State Sales & Use Tax.  The following products and services are subject to sales tax when delivered in New York State, unless specifically exempted or excluded. The term tangible personal property means physical personal property, of any nature, that has a material existence and is perceptible to the human senses. The term sale includes outright sales, rentals, leases, and licenses to use. Tangible personal property includes a variety of goods. Examples of taxable sales of tangible personal property include, but are not limited to, sales of: ... artistic items such as sketches, paintings, and photographs